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Old and new customers and friends

Issuing time:2018-05-29 17:36

Old and new customers and friends:

We sincerely welcome you to visit the website of Dingxin vegetable company. In the course of development over the past years, we have been strongly supported by the leaders at all levels and the cooperation of friends from all walks of life. Here, we express our sincere thanks.

According to the development idea of "developing Dingxin vegetable", the company follows the spirit of "honesty, pragmatism, specialty and innovation", enlarging the scale of production, extending the industrial chain, increasing the income of farmers in many channels, and truly bring one people and the rich economy. We will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, and constantly improve, never stop, seek new changes, be brave in surmounting, and create pluralistic harmony. Focusing on the strategic task of "fully accelerating development and making full brand building", we will continue to develop and forge ahead, expand the size of the total volume, and actively expand the market space. We are "people-oriented, guest - oriented and service - oriented", making "Dingxin" grow in development. We are "honest, pragmatic, cooperative and creative." The new "new" enterprise spirit makes the "Dingxin" sublimate in the accumulation. Our "professional, high quality, efficient and safe" service concept makes "Dingxin" based on Tangshan, Hebei, radiation, and the world. We would like to be a green vegetable preacher, a disseminator of high quality food culture, and an excellent Chinese vegetable A vegetable producer.

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