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The coverage rate of the main crops in Hebei province is over 98%

Issuing time:2018-05-30 09:01

It was learned from the Hebei provincial agricultural department that 18 provincial modern agricultural industrial technological system innovation teams have been set up in Hebei province around 18 special industries, such as wheat, corn, vegetables and edible mushrooms. These innovative teams, through the construction of the "1+N" technology innovation consortium, have improved the industrial chain technology system from seed seedling to marketing. With the strong support of the innovative team, the coverage rate of main crops and the application rate of main push technologies in this province are all above 98% this year.

This year, the 18 provincial modern agricultural industrial technological system innovation team focused on the development and promotion of 20 new and new varieties and new technologies, such as green high-yield and high efficiency, healthy breeding, recycling and other new technologies and new models. At the same time, Hebei province is actively carrying out the selection and breeding of high quality crop varieties, vigorously implementing the modern seed raising project, focusing on the development and breeding of strong gluten wheat, hybrid Valley and potato seed potato, and building 5 national seed industry 50 enterprises to strengthen the regional industry of Zhang Za Valley, potato and so on, and make excellent strong gluten wheat and high-end facilities vegetables. The dominant industry.

It is understood that this year, the Hebei province has selected more than 20 agricultural scientific and technological innovation bases, supporting more than 10 agricultural leading enterprises or with scientific research institutes and colleges and universities to build a number of provincial key agricultural enterprise key laboratories. At the same time, we should select 10 provincial agricultural key laboratories, such as biological genetics and breeding, comprehensive pest management, genetic resources and germplasm innovation, and 20 breeding innovation and breeding base areas, such as strong gluten wheat, high quality vegetable seedling, special grain, and good breed cow.

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