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Do you know 10 kinds of vegetables that can cure them?

Issuing time:2018-05-30 09:17

1. garlic - protect the heart

"The protection is mainly from the high phytochemicals of garlic," experts said. Animal tests also involve similar studies. Regular intake of garlic produces more antioxidants in the blood to protect the heart.

2. Avocado - protection of the brain

"You know, avocado is definitely a super food, because it has a very magical effect." The expert said. When avocado reaches your brain, this green fruit will be perfectly integrated with the brain. Avocados contain a lot of folic acid (when folic acid is insufficient, it causes depression), Omega -3 fatty acids (which causes atrophy of the brain when insufficient) and vitamin E that is beneficial to the IQ.

3. broccoli and cauliflower -- anticancer

Cruciferous vegetables are rich in sulforaphane, whose molecules have anti-cancer functions and can effectively reduce the risk of cancer, "Cook said," these molecules will be attached to cancer cells before they get into the stomach. " Cruciferous plants are also rich in vitamin K and vitamin C, as well as fiber components that help to excrete digestive substances.

4. cilantra -- treating stomachache

Coriander can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and has the effect of appetizing the spleen. If the spleen and stomach deficiency cold people eat a little coriander, they can also play the role of warming stomach dispersing cold, helping digestion and relieving stomachache, and can be made into coriander porridge for drinking. The coriander extract has the function of sweating, clearing away heat and promoting rash, and its special fragrance can stimulate the secretion of sweat glands and promote the body sweating and spreading rash.

5. Houttuynia -- clearing heat and detoxifying

Houttuynia Houttuynia is both a wild vegetable and a medicinal herb. It can clear heat and detoxify and diuresis, and can also improve the immunity of the body. It can be used to boil soup and drink. It can effectively discharge the heat and heat accumulated in the body. But you must be aware that Houttuynia can not endure too long, otherwise it will destroy the efficacy. 15 minutes is more suitable.

6. tomatoes - to remove alcohol

Getting drunk is a real nuisance. It's enough to throw up the vomit. After drunken vomiting not only is very bad, it will cause a lot of loss of potassium, calcium, sodium and other elements in the body. It is necessary to supplement potassium, calcium, sodium and other nutrients in time after drunken vomit. The easiest way is to drink some tomato juice, because the rich potassium, calcium and sodium components in tomato juice just supplement the loss of elements in the body.

7. lotus root - laxative antidiarrheal

Lotus root contains starch, protein, asparagin, vitamin C and oxidase components, sugar content and high sugar content. Fresh lotus root can relieve heat and relieve fever and quench thirst. If fresh lotus root is squeezed to extract juice, it is more effective and boiled lotus root flavor and sweet temperature. It can invigorate the spleen and invigorate the stomach, make up the blood and make up five zang organs, and have digestion, thirst, and myogenic muscles. The effect.

8. kelp - treatment for hypothyroidism

Kelp has the reputation of "longevity vegetable", "sea vegetable" and "iodine champion". The kelp has the efficacy of preventing and treating goiter, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, preventing cancer and cancer, anti radiation, diabetes, improving immunity, supplementing iodine, eliminating phlegm and asthma, lowering blood sugar, diuresis, swelling, keeping cold, calcium, beauty, reducing weight, anti aging, preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, eliminating breast enhancement and so on. From the nutritional value of kelp, it is a health and longevity food. The iodine in the kelp is very rich. It is the main ingredient of the body synthesis of thyroxine in the body, and the luster of the hair is formed by the function of the thyroxine in the body. Iodine can stimulate the pituitary gland, reduce the estrogen level in the female body, restore the normal function of the ovary, correct endocrine disorders, and eliminate the hidden danger of mammary gland hyperplasia. The nutritional collocation of the kelp is also extremely rich.

9. cucumbers - sore throat and sore throat

Cucumber detoxification detumescence, mainly in the body heat and thirst, throat swelling and pain, dampness heat jaundice, urine and other diseases. The content of propanol dicarboxylic acid in cucumber can inhibit the conversion of carbohydrates to fat. In addition, the cellulose in cucumber has a certain effect on promoting the elimination of the corrupt substances in the human intestinal tract and lowering cholesterol. Cucumber has a wide range of functions, such as anti-tumor, anti-aging, weight reduction, body strengthening, brain strengthening, soothing prevention, alcohol poisoning and hypoglycemia.

10. yam - fever and cough

Yam is also known as Huai mountain and Huai mountain. The ancients had a very high evaluation of them. It can cure fever and cough, enteritis, bacillary dysentery, measles, mumps, sepsis, sore and furuncle, appendicitis, hypoglycemia, trauma infection, heat rash in children, and cold tea, which can prevent heat stroke, cold and intestinal infectious diseases. Suitable for diabetics, abdominal distension, weak patients, chronic nephritis, and chronic diarrhea.

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