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What vegetables are good for skin?

Issuing time:2018-05-30 14:27


Peas have dark and dark skin and make the skin appear luster. Modern research has also found that peas are rich in vitamin A, and vitamin A can be transformed into vitamin A in the body to play a role in moisturizing the skin.


Chinese medicine believes that white radish can "benefit five viscera, white and clean muscles". White radish is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a good antioxidant, which inhibits melanin synthesis, prevents fat oxidation and prevents lipofuscin deposition. Therefore, often eat white radish can make the skin white and delicate.


Carrots are known as "skin foods" and can moisturize the skin. In addition, carrot is rich in pectin substances, and can be combined with mercury, to help remove the harmful ingredients in the body, so that the skin looks more delicate and ruddy.


Asparagus is rich in selenium, it can resist aging and prevent various diseases related to fat overoxidation, making skin tender and tender.

Sweet potato:

Sweet potato contains a lot of mucin, vitamin C is also very rich, the content of vitamin A is close to the content of carrot. Regular consumption of sweet potato can reduce cholesterol, reduce subcutaneous fat, replenishing deficiency, replenishing qi, strengthening spleen and stomach, and invigorating kidney yang, thereby contributing to skin care and beauty.


Mushrooms are nutritious, rich in protein and vitamins, low in fat and cholesterol free. Edible mushrooms can make female estrogen secretion more vigorous, can prevent aging, resist aging, and make skin beautiful.

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