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"Organic vegetables" contains pesticide residues in Beijing to start a large-scale investigation of

Issuing time:2018-05-31 08:09

CCTV exposure "organic vegetables have mystery" agencies have suspended organic certification.

Start up the organic products in the city

Vegetables with organic labels in supermarkets are not necessarily "organic". A focus interview with CCTV reveals the mystery behind organic vegetables. The reporter learned last night that, in view of the CCTV reports, Beijing responded quickly. The municipal business committee, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, the Municipal Food and Drug Administration and the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau launched a large survey on the city chain supermarket. The State Supervision Commission also issued a notice last night. The accreditation agency of the Beijing five Yue and Huaxia Management Technology Center issued a risk warning for it for the time being, so that it may not be issued with the certification of organic products for the time being.


The "organic food" that has been examined contains agricultural residue

The CCTV focus interview column broadcasts the report of "organic vegetables have mystery", exposes the problems of organic vegetables sold in supermarkets, such as the state standard clearly stipulates that the sale area or display special cabinet should be set up in the selling place, and separate from the sale area and cabinet of non organic products. But some supermarkets deliberately mix organic dishes with ordinary dishes.

And those vegetables labeled "organic" may not necessarily be organic. In the report, CCTV reporters bought organic vegetables such as a brand of carrots, and then went to the production base according to the information provided by the organic code, but the origin did not grow carrots at all; it was even more surprising that the production base even had a large amount of chemical fertilizer. Subsequently, the test results confirmed that several kinds of so-called "organic dishes" purchased by reporters were detected pesticide residues banned by organic production standards. This practice of selling dog meat by hanging sheep heads has seriously infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and has also undermined the credibility of the organic food certification system.


No certification may be issued by the agency

According to CCTV reports, the municipal government of the Beijing municipal municipal government attaches great importance to the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the municipal Party committee and mayor Chen Jining for the first time to conduct the research and deployment of the special subject meeting. Yesterday, the relevant departments have dispatched the working group quickly to check the certification bodies, the production base and the packing workshop of the certificated enterprises.

Last night, the State Supervision Commission website also issued a bulletin on the accreditation agency: Beijing five Yue Huaxia Management Technology Center issued a risk early warning, so that it may not be issued an organic product certification certificate for the time being. According to the announcement, according to the news media's major public opinion, the organic products certified by the Beijing five center Huaxia management technology center do not meet the requirements of certification requirements. From now on, the center shall not issue certificates of organic products to foreign countries, and shall be disposed of according to law after the investigation is completed.


The city will carry out special investigation

In the near future, the city will arrange special investigation, focusing on the planting land, business super and certification bodies of the production enterprises, and strengthening the whole chain management of the quality of organic and green agricultural products. Any enterprise should strictly abide by the relevant regulations and carry out production. The government department will further strictly supervise and deal with the certification bodies and certified enterprises that have illegal and irregularities to ensure that the citizens are relieved to eat.

In view of the mixed sale of organic vegetables and ordinary vegetables in the supermarket chain, the Municipal Commerce Commission acted immediately, and issued a notice requiring all 20 large supermarket chain supermarkets, such as the Commerce Commission of each district, and more than 20 large supermarket chains, such as Wu Mei, super city, Beijing, Carrefour, and so on, to carry out the investigation and self-examination. The municipal business committee, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, the Municipal Food and beverage Bureau and the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau jointly carry out a large survey on the whole city chain supermarket, and supervise and guide the chain supermarket in accordance with the national standard of organic products, strictly display and sell in the special area or cabinet, so that the logo is clear and striking.

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