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The third Beijing Tianjin Hebei vegetable edible fungus production and marketing docking Conference

Issuing time:2018-05-31 08:11

  The third Beijing Tianjin Hebei vegetable edible fungus production and marketing docking Conference opened in Hebei Xinfa agricultural and sideline products logistics park. In Hebei, Beijing and Tianjin, the leaders of relevant departments at all levels, as well as the leaders of the planting Park, the dealers of Beijing and Tianjin and other places, and the leaders of the production equipment enterprises were gathered in the Hebei new place to participate in the conference.

The conference focuses on the theme of "green, high end, sharing and development", including the feast of Hebei cuisine, the on-site observation, the on-site sale, the scene signing, the exchange of experience and so on. More than 300 vegetable fungus production and business units from 13 cities in our province exhibited nearly 1000 kinds of high-quality agricultural products. "Xiong an" exhibition area is particularly eye-catching at the conference site, and more than 10 kinds of origin products are all appearing. Most of the products in the Hebei new place are from the poor mountain areas in Hebei. The more than 10 kinds of bacteria on display are the independent brand created by the precision and poverty alleviation of Hebei new place. According to statistics, the joint activities have reached 560 thousand tons of production and marketing cooperation, involving more than 20 kinds of cabbage, edible mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, bean angle, melon and so on, with a sum of about 1 billion 370 million yuan.

According to reports, Hebei new hair land logistics park has held three consecutive Beijing, Tianjin and vegetable production and marketing of edible fungi docking activities. At present, the park has achieved an annual turnover of nearly 6 million tons, with a turnover of more than 30 billion yuan, with a continuous supply of fresh agricultural products for more than 10 days in the capital. In addition, directly driving Hebei fruit and vegetable planting base 500 thousand mu, effectively solve the local farmers' "worry" and "sell hard" problem. Wei Shujian, vice president of Hebei new development group, said that as the link of the agricultural product circulation industry chain, the Hebei new place will continue to play the channel advantages as always, promoting the quality of agriculture, the green development of agriculture, and promoting the increase of farmers' income.

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