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Guangzhou pay the first rain weather index insurance for vegetable rain

Issuing time:2018-05-31 08:13

Vegetable planting is the characteristic industry of agricultural production in Guangzhou, but the natural disasters such as thunderstorm weather in the south often threaten vegetable harvest, and a heavy rain will cause serious economic losses to vegetable growers. Today, the situation has changed greatly - in the Huadu District to create a green financial reform and innovation test area, this year, in April this year, the policy of innovation and design of the Guangzhou branch, the policy oriented vegetable rainfall weather index insurance, was approved by the government of Huadu District, and the first insurance of Guangzhou was insured. It provides insurance coverage for local vegetable growers in Huadu.

It is understood that vegetable rainfall meteorological index insurance is PICC Guangzhou branch based on traditional vegetable planting insurance innovative products. By visiting Huadu District, the company has visited many big households in Huadu District to understand the needs of farmers, collect and analyze a large amount of data, and finally determine the rainfall as the triggering conditions for compensation. The total risk of the first policy is 2 million yuan, and the insurance premium is 1 years. The premium of the policy is 80% of the district government's subsidy, and the growers only need to pay 20%.

Only 20 days after the first policy was insured, heavy rainfall occurred in various districts of Guangzhou in May 7th, and the precipitation in Huadu District suddenly increased in the short term. The PICC contacted the insured farmers and obtained the weather certificate from the weather station of Huadu District. According to the meteorological data, the rainfall reached 61.8, reaching the trigger condition of compensation. The Guangzhou branch of PICC immediately launched the claim mechanism, quickly collected relevant claims information, and quickly completed the first vegetable meteorological index insurance compensation. In May 21st, in Huadu District, the first vegetable rainfall weather index insurance compensation ceremony scene, in the witness of the district government staff, the Guangzhou branch of human insurance insurance company nearly 10000 yuan of compensation directly to the affected farmers Wu Shuangyou.

Compared with the traditional agricultural insurance products, the meteorological index insurance of the vegetable rainfall saves the steps that many people continue to make a continuous number of days, and takes the observation data instead of the meteorological department to make the amount of the insurance claims quantified and standardized, greatly simplifies the claim process, reduces the dispute over the claims, and ensures that the vegetable growers can have a disaster after the disaster. The rapid receipt of reparations, as soon as possible to help farmers to prevent and reduce disaster, reinvest in production, received the praise of the vast majority of farmers, but also embodies the development of modern green agricultural insurance.

Agricultural insurance is a green box policy supported by the WTO in support of agricultural development. The development of agricultural insurance, the full play of the role of insurance mechanism, dispersing and transferring agricultural risks, is of great significance for improving agricultural risk resistance, stabilizing agricultural production and protecting the interests of farmers. Since 2015, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has made a major strategic decision to promote the agricultural supply side reform on the basis of accurately judging the situation of agricultural development and the imbalance of supply and demand. In recent years, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have promulgated a series of major strategies and development policies to support agricultural and rural areas, which not only give higher expectations to the national strategy of rural insurance service and put forward higher requirements, but also create new opportunities and expand new space for the development of rural insurance. Under the support of government departments at all levels, the Guangzhou branch of human insurance and financial insurance has continuously increased investment and actively explored innovation. It has made important contributions to the protection of agricultural risks, the stability of farmers' income and the promotion of rural development.

The policy based agricultural insurance in Guangzhou started in 2007. Up to now, 18 varieties of agricultural insurance have been carried out, including rice, corn, peanuts, sugarcane, potatoes, cows, breeding sows, fishermen, fishing boats, pig, poultry, litchi, longan, banana, papaya, farmhouse, Sen Lin and aquaculture insurance. As a state-owned backbone insurance company with the Republic, PICC has consistently adhered to actively participating in the policy oriented agricultural insurance business. In 2017 only, the Guangzhou branch of human insurance financial insurance provided 13 billion 159 million yuan risk guarantee for 728 thousand and 100 households, 233 thousand and 800 mu of crops, 43 thousand and 500 livestock and 642 thousand and 200 farmhouses, with a cumulative payment of 22 million 783 thousand and 300 yuan and 17 thousand and 800 peasant households, which fully reflected the importance of agricultural insurance insurance as a "stabilizer" for agricultural production. Effect。

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