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Integrated innovation of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences promotes green vegetable productio

Issuing time:2018-05-31 08:19

If you want your car to run healthfully and safely, you should always go to 4S shop for maintenance. Now, to produce green and safe vegetables, we must adopt the 4H mode. Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has held a "demonstration site exhibition of green development technology integration model for vegetable crops" in Shouguang City, Shandong, which focused on the "three healthy one high efficiency" (4H) model for the green development of facilities, which is beneficial to the health of consumers, the health of the producers, the environmental health of origin (Healthy) and the classics. The demonstrative effect of high efficiency (High economic) of the battalion.

According to Yu Xianchang, the chief scientist of the project and a researcher at the vegetable and Flower Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China's total area of vegetables has reached 320 million mu, with a total output of 7.69 million tons, accounting for 43% and more than 49% of the world, and the total output value is the first in China's planting industry. Among them, more than 70 million mu of vegetables were installed, accounting for more than 40% of the vegetable supply.

In recent years, because of the excessive use of chemical fertilizer and pesticide, the vegetable production in China is facing the bottleneck problem of the hidden danger of product safety, the increasing risk of environmental pollution and the decrease of the economic benefit caused by the increasing labor cost, which seriously affects the green development of the vegetable industry in our country.

In view of the above problems, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has introduced the green development technology integration model of vegetable crops into the collaborative innovation project of scientific and technological innovation project. It is led by the vegetable and Flower Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to mobilize 12 units inside and outside the hospital to realize the green development of vegetables as the goal and to integrate the disease and insect pests of vegetables. The integrated technology and equipment of green prevention and control, continuous cropping barrier overcoming, precision control of water and fertilizer, and intelligent control of environment have been established, and the integrated green development technology of vegetable plants in China has been established. The experiment proved that this mode can reduce chemical pesticides more than 40%, reduce chemical fertilizer by more than 30%, save more than 20%, save more than 40% of labor, and increase efficiency by more than 15%. The integrated model of green development technology for vegetable crops has set up a core demonstration base of 1300 mu in Shandong Shouguang and 300 thousand mu of radiation area. This model is made up of ten core technologies. It breaks through the three bottlenecks of reducing the risk of product quality and safety, environmental pollution and the decline of economic benefits in the development of green vegetables in China. Promoting the green development of vegetable industry in China has broad application prospects.

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