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High toxic pesticide irrigating vegetable vegetable farmers is sentenced

Issuing time:2018-05-31 08:20

In order to eliminate pests, the high toxic pesticide, methyl phosphorus, has been irrigated to the leek fields planted. Recently, the people's Court of Jiyang County, Ji'nan, Shandong Province, examined a food case involving the leek. Pan Mou was committed to the crime of producing toxic and harmful food. The first instance was sentenced to six months of criminal detention and 5000 yuan.

Phosphorus, alias 3911, smelling, transparent, slight odor of oily liquid, can be inhaled, feeding, skin absorption and other ways to invade the human body, can inhibit the activity of cholinesterase, causing neurophysiological dysfunction, is a high toxic pesticide. In March 2016, pan was seized by the law enforcement officers of the Jiyang County Agricultural Bureau to irrigate the leek in the leek which was planted in his own house. The test results of soil testing project are 0.01mg, and the test result is 0.018mg, and the test result is 0.01mg/l, and the result is 108mg/l. The technical requirement of phosphorus mixture is less than 0.01mg, the result is 0.61mg, and the test conclusion is not qualified. The drug content is seriously exceeding the standard. If someone eats the leek, it will cause harm to the health of the body. Fortunately, the law enforcement personnel find out and destroy it in time to avoid the entry of the leek to the sales link. After accepting the case, the people's Court of Jiyang county changed its compulsory measures to the arrest of baimaer according to law, and sent it to the detention center on the day of filing the case.

After hearing the trial, the court held that penone violated the state food safety management system and added toxic and harmful non food raw materials to the food produced, which violated the lives and health and safety of the consumers, and had constituted the crime of producing toxic and harmful food, and should be punished according to law. Pat summoned voluntarily to the case after being summoned by telephone and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime. The production of toxic and harmful food has not yet entered the sales link, and can be given a lighter punishment. Accordingly, the court made a ruling on pan.

It is understood that the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas of China has carried out prohibition measures for 39 high toxic and high risk pesticides and withdrew 22 kinds of high toxic pesticides in the form of public notice, and the high toxic pesticides are still in strict use, and they are not used for the production of fruit and vegetable tea. 12 kinds of high toxic pesticides are being used in China. The elimination process will be accelerated according to the risk of risk and the production and use of substitute products. It will be banned in 5 years so as to reduce the risk of the quality and safety of agricultural products. In 2017, the government issued a bulletin on two kinds of high toxic pesticides of endosulfan and methyl bromide. It was determined that it would be banned in 2019. The dichloride, phage, and amithosathion will quit in 2018, and the line phosphorus, Omethoate, methyl isomer phosphide and aluminum phosphide will be withdrawn before 2020; chlorohardy, Budweiser and Do-win will strive for 2022 Quit a year ago.

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