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Because of the rising price of domestic vegetables, the import of frozen vegetables in Japan has rea

Issuing time:2018-05-31 08:27

According to the Japan agricultural news website, the import of frozen vegetables in Japan for the first time exceeded 1 million tons in 2017. Because of the rising prices of vegetables in Japan, retail stores have been promoting the sale of frozen vegetables as a price concession to increase demand.

In addition, frozen vegetables are easy to cook, and can be eaten after cooking or frying. Industry experts say this will become a major threat to Japanese vegetable production.

According to the trade statistics of the Ministry of finance of Japan, the import of frozen vegetables has been increasing since 90s of last century, and reached the highest level in 2017. Among them, China produces most of the products from the United States, mainly with mixed vegetables such as restaurants and other cooking vegetables and boiled vegetables.

In 2017, the import of frozen vegetables in Japan was 1 million 9 thousand tons, an increase of 7% over the previous year. The frozen food association of Japan said: "not only is it commercial, but the price of domestic vegetables is rising, and the consumption of frozen vegetables is also increasing."

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