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Set up an industry standard for water culture vegetables

Issuing time:2018-05-31 08:31

Soilless culture will be a trend in the future, but there is no industry standard for hydroponic vegetable industry in China. The cultivation of hydroponic cultivation is closely related to the economy of the table. The government has 1 documents to encourage new agriculture. The industrialization of agriculture in China is still in the primary stage. Therefore, the industrialization of agriculture is in the primary stage. Therefore, the industrialization of agriculture is accelerated and the standardized production and promotion of vegetables and fruits and horticultural crops are promoted. Hydroponic plant plant, as the new project for the development of the one or two and three industry, is not only the development of agriculture with the industrial concept, the market demand as the guidance, the improvement of the benefit union mechanism as the core, the system, technology and business model innovation as the motive force, the agricultural supply side structural reform, and the construction of agriculture and two or three. The modern industry with intersecting and intergrating industries is also an active exploration of accelerating the transformation of agricultural development mode and developing the road of agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics.

The green hydroponic vegetables in plant factories have realized the perfect reversal of the factors affecting the safety of vegetables (the three major factors that endanger the safety of vegetable and food are the heavy metal pollution, the pesticide and the abuse of plant growth regulators), providing the support of the quality inspection report and the production of the traceable healthy vegetables in the whole process. No pesticide residues and plant growth regulators were used in the whole process. On the basis of third party certification, we can ensure the strong environmental controllability in plant plants, create the best growth pattern for plant growth, make plant genes more optimized than traditional models, and obtain better flavored vegetables. The content of calcium, dietary fiber and 16 kinds of amino acids are improved, and the content of nitrite is based on the content of nitrite. This is the growth of 0. low bacterial environment, so that the hydroponic vegetables in Hua Lu plant factory have longer shelf-life, which is two times the shelf life of the land. (freshness can be reached 10~15 days). The idea that raw plants are good for health is being widely recognized. The formulation of its standards is not only necessary for the healthy development of the industry, but also an exploration for the industrialized production of agricultural products. And all this depends on the establishment of the standardization of the industry.

In addition, governments at all levels are advised to build "data lakes" infrastructure, manage government data and promote the development of big data. The district and county should be encouraged to pilot the construction and operation of "data Lake" first, and then extend their experience. At the same time, in order to reduce the financial pressure of the government, we encourage the use of PPP mode to build and operate data lakes. He said that data in the information age is the lifeblood of everything. The government needs to manage the data in an integrated way, and co ordinate the construction of big data infrastructure. It is suggested that the government should establish its own "data Lake", integrate the data resources, promote the open sharing of data, excavate the value of data, improve the government's ability to govern, optimize the public service of the people's livelihood, and promote the economic transformation and innovation development.

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