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Twenty thousand yuan to buy the old man into the trap

Issuing time:2018-05-31 08:33

Vegetable investment out of twenty thousand

Mr. Wu told reporters that at the beginning of last year, a friend told me that green and natural vegetables were good for the body, but the price was expensive, and the package was nearly 10000 yuan a year. "At that time, I went to a base in the suburb of Tongzhou with my friend," Mr. Wu said. "In a large courtyard, the merchants showed us the vegetables and the shed, and the nutritionists lecture. We all think the dish is very good. There are 9800 yuan, 19800 yuan, 29800 yuan and three year sets. I think that it is not a problem for the elderly to eat expensive dishes for their health. After that, I came to see my wife and she felt good about it and decided to buy it. "

Mr. Wu said that these vegetables were sold by the Beijing middle Agricultural Technology Industry Co., Ltd., sending vegetables to home once a week, and Mr. Wu bought a 9800 yuan set meal because it felt very cost-effective. Since then, the merchant also suggested that he can take the way to buy gift cards to invest and upgrade, and then return 18% of each month on time. In 1 years, the money can be returned, and every year, the new year's day, the Spring Festival, the may one, and eleven can send the chicken and duck fish to the door. So Mr. Wu bought a gift card for 10 thousand yuan.

The dish has not been sent enough for the return of the rebate

I thought buying this set meal was a profitable business, but what Mr. Wu did not expect was that the dish was sent seven or eight times, and then it was gone. He telephoned salespeople and nutrition tutors, and no one answered the phone. In addition, the company's promised monthly rebate has never been accounted for. "The friend who bought this product with me is the same. Only received five or six dishes, no more. The promise of money has not been returned. At present, the elderly with the most losses have invested more than 10 yuan.

Through the information provided by Mr. Wu and others, we can see that the company has claimed to do ecological agriculture, with thousands of acres of ecological farmland in the park, and the vegetables planted far away from chemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified vegetables, and are pure natural green vegetables without pollution.

Reporters learned that the company entertained the elderly in Tongzhou District's post Tuo village. But the base staff said, "the company is only a short rental base. Now that the lease is due, they have already left." The reporter found that the person in charge of the company was listed on the list of dishonest executors in January 2015. In July of the same year, the Sino agriculture excellent eco technology industry company was also taken to court. At present, Mr. Wu and others have already called the police.

The alleged offense will be punished

The lawyer's attorney, the lawyer, said: "the Sino agriculture excellent ecological science and Technology Industry Co., Ltd. may involve two situations. One is to collect funds in the name of selling vegetables. It may be returned to investors in the future, but it is illegal to absorb public deposits. In addition, the company may have designed a fraud to cheat investors' money, which is fund-raising fraud. Whether it is illegal absorption of public deposits or fund-raising fraud is a criminal act, the public security organs will be prosecuted for criminal responsibility according to law.

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