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Food and drinking water safety rapid detection project won the two prize of national science and tec

Issuing time:2018-05-31 08:36

In recent years, food safety problems and environmental pollution incidents are frequent. The market demand for rapid testing instruments is increasing. Especially in some natural disaster emergency rescue and large-scale activities, rapid detection instruments are often used as the first screening means, and play a more and more important role in ensuring the safety of food and drinking water. But only one suitcase size food safety rapid detection box, can quickly complete the meat moisture, pesticide residues in vegetables, methanol in wine, and nitrite content in meat products in 15 seconds to 30 minutes, and the sensitivity of detection is in accordance with the national standard. Because of its small size, easy to carry, sensitive, accurate, fast, simple, and so on, this food safety rapid detection box has been in the Olympic Games, the G20 summit and other major activities, as well as Wenchuan, Yushu and other earthquake relief food safety protection work "outstanding".

The project "food and drinking water safety rapid detection, evaluation and control technology innovation and application", chaired by the Institute of environmental medicine and Occupational Medicine Research Institute of the Academy of military medical research, has won the national science and technology step two prize in 2017, after many years of joint research and research. The project breaks through the key technical bottlenecks of the three core links of rapid inspection, evaluation and control, and forms a guarantee system for food and drinking water under emergency conditions. It is one of the important achievements of the food safety detection box, which combines the reagent, the equipment, the intelligent micro photoelectric detector and the multifunctional light reverse sensor.

Under the conditions of emergency, ensuring food and drinking water safety is facing many challenges. It requires high efficiency, quick and sensitive detection, accurate assessment and timely disinfection. The project has built a rapid detection technology system, and tackled the international technical problems of high temperature and high pressure dynamic seal and strong polar extraction. The developed equipment broke the global nearly 100% monopoly status in the world. The results authorized 3 invention patents in the United States, 40 invention patents in China, and 13 standards. At the same time, 33 kinds of new materials, 214 kinds of kit, 8 core devices, 70 sets (sets) and 148 kinds of indexes can be detected in the digital and modular fast test box.

As a participant in the Wenchuan earthquake, the Mount Lu earthquake and other natural disasters, researcher Gao Zhi Xian told reporters: "natural disasters can cause water and food in different degrees of pollution, such as after the earthquake usually accompanied by rain, the rain washed some of the garbage into the river, causing the water to be polluted. We usually go to the disaster area one or two days after the natural disaster, mainly responsible for the local drinking water, food safety monitoring and risk assessment and monitoring. Once we find the problem, we will immediately detect the contaminated water source or food with the on-site fast testing instrument. The rapid screening of suspected food poisoning factors, to prevent further diffusion and to win the best time to rescue patients, to minimize the safety risk factors to the minimum, to ensure the health and safety of the lives of the people.

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