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The financial work meeting of the agricultural and rural ministry is held in Beijing

Issuing time:2018-05-30 08:56

  The financial work conference of the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs was held in Beijing, exchanging and summarizing the Department's financial work in 2017, and deploying the key work in 2018. Zhang Taolin, Vice Minister of agriculture and rural areas, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

The meeting pointed out that agricultural and rural financial work in 2017 has achieved positive results and has played a supporting role. Efforts should be made to strive for financial support for agriculture, and the work of the Party group center should be effectively guaranteed; the overall integration of financial support for agriculture, financial funds supply structure is more optimized, agricultural credit guarantee and agricultural insurance are actively promoted, financial support for financial support for agriculture has been made new progress, and the department budget is strengthened in an all-round way. The management of assets and the financial management of the subordinate units should be further standardized; the financial supervision and internal audit should be strengthened, and the responsibilities of the financial audit supervision have been fulfilled effectively; the business training and work guidance should be paid more attention to, and the construction of the financial cadre team of the Ministry system is further strengthened. Agricultural and rural financial work in 2017 has been fully affirmed by the Ministry of Finance and the Audit Commission.

The meeting stressed that the nineteen major party of the party has made a major political argument in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and put forward a major decision to implement the strategy of Rural Revitalization. The newly formed agricultural and Rural Ministry has further strengthened the party's centralized and unified leadership of the "three rural" work, and strengthened and optimized the government's "three rural" functions. It provides a more powerful support for promoting the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. All the departments and units should earnestly strengthen their sense of responsibility and opportunity, based on the new institutional functions and actively take the initiative as, the creation of the policies should have new heights and new breakthroughs. The implementation of the project should have new methods and new mechanisms, the financial supervision should have new patterns and new means, and the construction of the team should have new standards, new requirements, and the central government The decision and deployment of implementing the strategy of Rural Revitalization by the party and the Party group is fully reflected in the agricultural and rural financial work.

The meeting demands that the departments and units should closely focus on the central decision-making deployment and the central task of the Central Party group. We should further strengthen the department budget management, make full use of the budget implementation, deepen the optimization and integration of the department budget projects, implement the performance management of the financial projects, strengthen the internal audit supervision, and do a good job in the management of assets. Work hard to promote internal control and financial system construction, and create a high-quality professional financial cadre contingent.

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