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The establishment of the National Alliance for green development of irrigation and agriculture

Issuing time:2018-05-30 09:00

  The National Alliance for green development of irrigation and agriculture is established in Xinxiang, Henan province. This is a professional alliance formed in the field of agricultural water use science and technology. It will focus on the problems of water control, water saving and safe water use in agriculture, and solve a batch of strategic, basic and key scientific and technological problems that restrict the development of modern agriculture in China. Henan water saving agriculture academician workstation also started at the same time.

According to Huang Xiuqiao, director of the alliance and director of the Agricultural Irrigation Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the alliance is led by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences farm irrigation Institute. It has China Agricultural University, Wuhan University, the Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, the Chinese Academy of water conservancy and Hydroelectric Science, the National Institute of water conservancy and hydropower, and the National Institute of water conservancy and hydropower. Agricultural science and Technology Extension Service Center and other 84 domestic universities, research institutions, promotion and application units and enterprises to join.

Kang Shaozhong, the director of the alliance expert Steering Committee and the academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointed out that irrigation agriculture is an important basis for ensuring the national food security, food safety and improving the quality of agricultural modernization. Green development is the epoch theme of implementing the new development concept and promoting the agricultural supply side structural reform.

In recent years, the theory, technology and equipment of irrigation agriculture in our country have been developed rapidly, which has brought remarkable improvement to the progress of modern agricultural science and technology, but irrigation is still a short board in the construction of agricultural modernization, and its supporting capacity for Rural Revitalization Strategy is still limited. For example, in rural revitalization, the guarantee rate of water supply for agricultural water is low, the ability to defend drought and flood is weak, the environment is poor, the adaptability of the green and efficient water use mode is not strong, the irrigation modernization is not high, and some major scientific problems and technical problems need to be tackled urgently.

Mei Xurong, vice president of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that the alliance, as a "double wheel drive" of agricultural science and technology and system innovation, can break through the limitations of the traditional scientific research institutes in the past and assemble the national advantages of scientific research and core scientific and technological resources. Through collaborative innovation, we can bring the dividend of technological progress to industry, enterprises and farmers, and give full play to the important supporting role of science and technology in solving the green development of irrigation agriculture, the rural water environment and the prevention and control of water ecology.

According to the introduction, through joint scientific research, the alliance will strive to make breakthroughs in the control of water requirement for crop life, physiological control technology of high efficient water use, high efficient water saving irrigation technology and products, water management technology and products in intelligent irrigation area and so on, and form the green water saving of main grain crops, vegetables, fruit trees and tea. In addition, the scheme of green water use in North China, such as water saving pressure mining, water saving and increasing efficiency in the northwest, water saving and emission reduction in the south, water saving and increasing grain in the northeast, seasonal water shortage in the southwest mountain area, etc.

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